About Us

about us

Deva Paper is a service-oriented, prime and job-lot paper distributing company headquartered just west of Montreal.

We specialize in ordering bulks of various grades of paper (in roll and sheet form) and then selling the material (often modified to fit the customers’ needs or specific shipping requirements) internationally.

Although tissue paper and health-grade papers are our particular specialty, Deva Paper deals in just about any type of paper, including post-consumer or post-industrial. On top of the wide variety, customers can enjoy the added value that comes with our processing and with the vast network of warehouses and distribution operations located throughout Canada.

Deva Paper’s extensive network of contacts and of longstanding business associates provides our customers with a wide variety of products and the economic benefits of dealing closely with the primary source. If your business requires stock-lot paperboard for printing or packaging, there is a good chance that Deva Paper can offer a wider selection, more competitive pricing, and better customer service than the competition

To find out more, please contact us and tell us about your business!