The paper industry changed and evolved over the years on account of the consolidation of Paper mills and suppliers, and the dramatic influence of foreign markets on the whole industry. Deva Paper recognizes these economic shifts and has patterned its primary activities in serving the exportation markets.

It has established itself as a well-known and highly respected supplier of various paper products internationally, notably in Africa, the Middle East, and South American countries. Honesty being one of the values at the heart of our business, we do not sell our suppliers’ surplus to known customers of the supplier. This allows local suppliers to dispose of their excess material without jeopardizing their own sales.


If you are a large or small paper product manufacturing company or paper broker, we understand your needs thanks to years of experience in the very same field. Your business may be limited by the use of smaller machines, thus you can only process smaller rolls.

We at Deva Paper would like to answer the needs of all our customers, regardless of their operation size. To do so we have an in-house converting facility, so that we can convert the rolls to any dimensions that respond to your needs, before shipping them.